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Hello, i just wanted to tell you thank-you for writing me back on my post, i honestly couldn't figure out how to read any messages that were wrote back to me until now and i have been a member on this page for almost my whole pregnancy! So i sincerely apologize for not getting back to you right away..but i appreciate your advice that you gave me and just to fill you in on a little bit with what is going on..the baby is doing great, she is CONSTANTLY moving and kicking the heck out of me..iv'e gained a total of 16lbs my whole pregnancy..which isn't bad..but i wanted to tell you that i finally got my own is in a HUD developement and they go off of your income, so i finally got out of that shitty environment that i was in prior to..and suprisingly my boyfriend stepped up and moved in with me and we are ready to be a family..i dont have to deal with his mother much anymore, the only thing she really has holding over our head is that patrick still uses her car because he is waiting to get some money to fix his car, so when he leaves during the week for work, he leaves the car here incase i have an ER but i rarely ever take it and his mom leaves me alone..i dont know how im going to be when the baby comes, i know it is his mother, but i really dont care to have her around our baby..could you really blame me? But i have been relying on my mother to take me to all of my appointments so she has been a GOD sent..but things are starting to fall into place thankfully..i went to the wellfare office the other day and applied for cash assistance just until i find a job and i just have to do these classes in order to receive the cash, but the classes are from 8:30am to 4:30pm 4 days a week, and i really dont want to depend on my mom to take me every single day, so im hoping patricks mother will let me take the car, because if i finish these classes not only will i be able to get the cash, but they also can give you up to $1200 for a car..and i really am going to need a car, especially when the baby gets here..but please keep in touch with me and if you ever wana talk on e-mail..mine is It's nice to talk with someone and have that type of relation ship so thank you from the bottom of my heart and please keep in touch

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HEADS UP TO ALL AIDPAGERS----This morning on cnn I heard an announcement tha WALGREENS as of May 1st will no longer be available to fill ANY medicaid perscriptions, they didn't really give a concrete reason but from what I gathered it just isn't lucrative enough for the Walgreens chain. They are starting the nix on medicaid scripts in 4 states and my state is one of them. Washington, I don't know any of the other states or I didn't hear if they did because I was so shocked, Everyone I know goes to Walgreens for their scripts but according to the news the people that have been depending on Walgreens and have to use medicaid should start looking for other drug stores. I don't know about anyone else but I'm writing letters today to Walgreens, I feel this is such a selfish move on their part and I want to know from their mouths why their doing this. It's just another corporate strike at the population that can not fight back. Well, I'm fighting. sheshe030

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Wow! Thanks for that awesome reply.  I will definitely try that when I go shopping this week.  I had no idea that jam didn't freeze solid. That sounds like a great idea using the scoop.  I will get back to you to let you know how it's going. :)

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Reply to TrinityG---I'm a day late and a dollar short in getting back to you but I wanted to thankyou for the compliment on my kitchen staples blog. Once you get your pantry stocked with all the staples you can do all your own baking including bread . You can also make most of your familys snacks like potato chips or tortilla chips . I try to keep peanuts on hand but to make them last I use them in things like rice krispie treats or add them to salads and top cookies with them. A few of the snacks that we like are tortillas spread with peanutbutter and Jam and rolled up tight also tortillas wrapped with strawberry jam and cream cheese. These are just a few ideas that I've done lately and tortillas are cheap and I make my own jam in quart jar containers and put it in the freezer and when I need jam I just have to use an ice cream scoop and scoop out as much as I need.  I try to make all my jams for the freezer because jam doesn't freeze solid and get hard so it is very scoopable. I much prefer frozen jam to the canned version. I have one more tip and then I will shutup, When I go grocery shopping I shop the perimeter of the stor only except when I have to get baking needs or there is a good sale and I have the coupons for the sale item. You will find 90% of all you need if you just shop close to the walls because all the produce, dairy,meat,and breads are almost always against the walls. If I have to venture into the middle isles it has to be for something on my list as a staple or a sale. If you interested I could list a few sites I use for ideas for frugal cooking. I hope you stick with i because it is a lot of fun and you can cut your food bill in half or more. Thanks again. sheshe030

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I have been buying food from Angel Food Ministries once a month - it's a lot of food for very affordable prices.  I pick it up once a month.  It's been helping us stretch our food money a lot!  They have a good website and you can search to see if there's a pickup site near you.  Best wishes, Rosie

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I really appreciate the list of kitchen staples to have on hand.  I have been trying for the last month to figure out how to reduce our food budget and buy less pre-packaged/prepared foods.  When I get paid next week I will definitely be going to buy lots of the stuff on this list.  I guess now I just need to learn the recipes. :) Thanks.

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Good Morning Aidpagers---I hope everyone is well and getting the help they need here on aidpage. I wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day, I know it''s hard to be happy about a silly holiday like Valentines Day especially when your needs are so serious and intense but try to take a few moments today to reflect on those who love you and those you love. Be thankful for all the love you recieve be they adult or a child, we all need to just take a breath and and feel the blessings we do have and let go for a moment of what we don't have. I know aidpage is a place we all come to for help to help ourselves but more important it is a place that was started with love by people that truly care about others needs so take a few minutes to hug someone you care about today. I personally send you all a big hug from me and many thanks to the folks that make this site possible. Have a good one---sheshe030

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Blue Jeans

Food stretch...

Rice, 2 cans of cream of what ever is your favorite, a can of corn or other veggie, and ground meat. If you have it cheese can be added. Your favorite spices- can be hotter with Mexican style spice, bland with just salt and pepper, how ever your family likes it.

Mix all cooked of the above. If it seems to dry add a splash of milk. Serve with bread or biscuits if you can.

This all costs less then $12 (depending on meat and milk costs) and could feed me and the two boys for about 3 meals and a couple of snacks.

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Hi Sean,

Well I can say with absolute certainty that 2 of your statements are correct. 

  1. I know the government fairly well as I've been employed with the state of Colorado for nearly 18 years.
  2.   the present economy doesn't allow for the saving of money

As a government employee of 18 years, I can only imagine your income and yet you have the audacity to come here to beg , not for necessities, but for more money to hoard? You can gift wrap it in as many pretty words as you want, but that is all you are saying.  Shame on you!  Who are you, a member of congress?

One mistaken statement was: There are many dollars put into a retirement fund, yet the monies cannot be accessed until after my employment is done.

You are completely incorrect. You can access that money via a loan against your retirement. OH! but I forgot, You would have to pay taxes on that wouldn't you? Welcome to the REAL world. Where you actually have to earn a living and pay for everything with your own money. 

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Hello- In order to present a greater outline of what I'm looking for, the search is based on the idea that government monies seem to be given "after the fact." I know the government fairly well as I've been employed with the state of Colorado for nearly 18 years. There are many dollars put into a retirement fund, yet the monies cannot be accessed until after my employment is done. So, as stated in a previous message, having "operating" capital is what I seek...hence the personal grant pursuit. There are mechanical items within the house I own which will last for awhile, though when the time comes to repair or replace the items, I wish to be prepared for that time. Of course, the present economy doesn't allow for the saving of money as prices on most everything inflate as the days pass. Obtaining a grant for the purpose of lessening the financial blows presented by this economy and the eventual repair costs of certain necessary items is the basis of this message. Thank you, Sean

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